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SMARTDIAGNOS Rapid detection of Sepsis,
Seminar at the Systems biology research center, University of Skövde, Academia (Sweden),
may 30th 2016 by HIS


Biomarkörer – tidiga varninsgklockor (in Swedish), 
Research Friday, Society (Sweden), September 30th 2016, University of Skövde by HIS

3. 6th Clinical Microbiology Conference

Vaclava Adamkova, MDntraabdominal candidiasis – myth or fact?
6th Clinical Microbiology Conference, 20-22 October, 2016 Rome, Italy

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4.   Future sepsis diagnostics, EXPO Hälsa och IT (in Swedish), 
Academia (Sweden) and SME (Sweden), November 24th 2016, University of Skövde by UL

How to prepare a successful proposal for Horizon 2020, 
Academia (Sweden) and SME (Sweden), December 15th 2016, University of Skövde by HIS

 6.   Future sepsis diagnostics, 
VGR (Sweden) (Swedish), Gothia Science Park and open arena, December 19th 2016 by HIS
 7.   Snabbare diagnostik av blodförgiftning räddar liv (in Swedish), 
The society of Rotary (Sweden), At Scandic Billingen hotell - Lunch seminar, January 24th 2017 by HIS
 8.   Future sepsis diagnostics,
Academia (USA/Sweden), University of Skövde, February 14th 2017 by HIS
 9.   Future sepsis diagnostics,
Chalmers Innovation office, University of Skövde, February 19th 2017 by HIS
10.    Smart diagnos av blodförgiftning räddar liv.
Högskolan i Skövde 2017
11.    Snabbare diagnos av sepsis med nya diagnostiska system
Laboratoriet nr. 2, 2017

1. Helena Enroth, Smartdiagnos - Rapid diagnosis of Sepsis, Expo Hälsa och IT” / “Expo Health and IT”, University of Skövde, Skövde, 2016-11-24

Technical notes

1. Robert Sjöback, TAA: MicroRNA as biomarker for Sepsis, 2018