New hyborg Dx RED2

New hyborg Dx RED2


GINA Pathogen enrichment

New Product

Cube Dx developed a suite of products from pathogen enrichment to identification of pathogens directly from whole blood in less than 3 hours – without the need for culturing.[1]

During the SMARTDIAGNOS project two major building blocks of this sensitive pathogen identification are further developed: Firstly, GINA – a technology and kit for the enrichment of microorganisms from whole blood – and secondly the hyborg Dx RED2. The hyborg Dx RED2 instrument is a fully



integrated device that carries out all necessary processing and analysis steps to present the identified microorganism to the user. Up to 24 patient samples can be processed without any user intervention. The instrument is operated with a touch screen, the software offers several language options (currently English, German and Arabic). The processing and the analysis of the samples is guided by a test-specific software protocol, that is loaded into the database once.



The global sepsis diagnostics market was valued at $367.9 million in 2017 and reaches $613.9 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period.[1]

Cube Dx’ potential customers are roughly the 13,300 hospitals in Europe and the USA[2]. The marketing of the product will focus on mid-sized and large hospitals (with more than 100 employees). Most of such hospitals are equipped with laboratory infrastructure and intensive care unit. Roughly 70% of all hospitals will meet the size criteria, resulting in a customer base of roughly 9,300 hospitals in Europe and the USA.

Potential Impact

The identification of the sepsis causing microorganism and possible resistance mechanisms (resistance genes) enables the change from empiric to individualized antimicrobial therapy within the first day of the septic episode. This will have great impact on mortality, disease burden and cost of sepsis.


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