Science2business-Award for the Collaboration of CubeDx and Danube University Krems within the SmartDiagnos Project

The collaboration of Danube University Krems and CubeDX to develop methods for improved detection and characterization of pathogens in the circulation won the second prize in this year´s Science2Business Award of the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research, and Economy. In total, 23 projects with 107 partners took part in the competition. The best ten collaborations were invited to the life-science-success fair at Techgate Vienna on May 10th, 2017 to present their projects to a jury in five minute pitches.

The life-science-success fair is dedicated to support the networking between industry and academia to foster the  translation of results from science to application. The jury said that the collaboration of Cube Dx and Danube Universtiy Krems was an excellent example of collaboration between industry and academia and viewed the early involvement of clinical aspects into the development as particularly important.

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