Cube dx

Cube DX GmbH

Cube Dx GmbH was founded in 2015 and is located in St. Valentin (Austria). The company focuses on the development, production and distribution of multiplex tests for in-vitro diagnostics in clinical practice. Multiplex diagnostics allow for the identification in parallel of a variety of significant parameters (bacteria, gene mutations, immune response, etc.) in a single test, requiring only a minimal amount of sample material.


Cube Dx has developed a complete and entirely new multiplex technology based on the principle of microarrays. The hybcell – the only cylindrical microarray available anywhere – delivers speedy and reliable results with minimal effort. The hyborg – a completely automated device – processes the samples fully independently and without any intervention by the user.

The Cube Dx assay is based on compact sequencing and compact profiling, and is designed to address especially those complex diagnostic challenges where fast answers are essential. In addition to the Early Pathogen Identification Cube Dx offers tests for Companion Diagnostics (oncology) as well as Monitoring of patients suffering with severe infections or inflammation.

Key persons:

Bernhard Ronacher, PhD, CSO,
Role: WP-Leader of WP6. Responsible for the overall concepts.