Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

DIN is a non-profit organization recognized as a German National Standards body representing Germany in European and international standardization activities (CEN and ISO). Standardization is considered as a stra-tegic instrument to support economy and the society in general. It reduces the need for legislation and sup-ports convergence in technology whilst allowing for a wide range of local solutions if needed. DIN supports any R&D projects with the aim of early identification of standardization potential of products and services, establishment of standardization processes and assistance with public availability of the results of these pro-cesses. Because of this the sustainable transfer of knowledge and technology will be enhanced and accelerat-ed in innovative fields.

DIN has participated in a large number of EU-funded research projects (FP5, FP6, and FP7) and in national research projects since 1986. This participation is governed by the idea that standardization is an excellent tool to disseminate research findings to a larger community and to facilitate the market access of new tech-nologies and services.

Key persons:

Lena-Katrin Krieger, Dipl.-Ing.lena.krieger@din.de
Role: in charge of the activities under Task 9.4.