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DTU is one of the biggest technical universities in northern Europe. In 2010, DTU was ranked as No. 1 in Scandinavia and No. 7 in Europe and No. 45 in a list of top 500 Universities in the world. DTU has 10.000 students with 25 international MSc programs, and 400 new PhD students yearly. DTU consists of 20 departments, 7 research centers and 6 companies with a total of 5000 staffs

DTU-N represents a cross-disciplinary research environment where micro- and nanotechnology are applied to a wide range of scientific disciplines, e.g. mechanics, optics, chemistry, medical technologies, and biotechnology. DTU Nanotech has access to a state-of-the-art clean room facility at Danchip, in particular, fabrication tools for polymer materials, which includes lithographic, injection molding as well as in-house research, competencies and facilities for molecular, cell and virus biology in classified (Biosafety Class 2 laboratories). The participating research group of Anders Wolff (BioLabChip group) provides expertise in microfluidics, in micro injection molding, in ultrasonic welding, in DNA array and solid-phase PCR. The research group has extensive experience in design, fabrication and characterisation of injection-moulded, polymer-based lab-on-a-chip devices for integrated sample preparation and PCR-based DNA detection.

Main Tasks and interests in the Project: Project coordinator; further development of SAF; design and fabrication of injection-moulded SAF array in cartridge (chip); solid-phase PCR; bonding technologies.

Key persons:

Anders Wolff, PhD, Associate Professor, anders.wolff@nanotech.dtu.dk
Role: Scientific Manager, Coordinator and WP-leader for WP1.

Yi Sun, PhD, Associate Professor,sunyi@nanotech.dtu.dk 
Role: WP-leader of WP4 and responsible for further development of SAF array.